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Large-Scale Scaffolding for Infrastructure Construction

Elevating Excellence In Access And Structural Support. From concept to completion, we deliver unparalleled solutions with industry leading precision, efficiency, and superior engineering.

Rugged Solutions That Exceed Scaffolding Safety Standards

STVA specializes in providing large-scale scaffolding and shoring solutions tailored for infrastructure projects. With over three decades of experience, we understand the importance of ruggedness and safety compliance in your scaffolding solutions. Our systems are designed for durability, longevity, and safety compliance, all of which are critical for the extended timelines, high-load requirements, and regulations of infrastructure construction projects. 

When it comes to infrastructure projects, navigating regulations and bureaucratic red tape is challenging enough. Let STVA take something off your plate with our tailored scaffolding solutions. We maintain an extensive inventory, so we’re ready to be your single-source supplier for all your frame, scaffold tower, shoring, masonry, and system scaffold needs.

Large Scale Scaffolding
large scale shoring scaffolding

Specialized Solutions for Infrastructure Applications

We consider environmental factors such as wind, weather, and urban conditions when designing our specialized solutions, ensuring that the scaffolding and shoring systems are not only safe but also appropriate for the specific construction site location and type of your project. All of our solutions can be customized for a wide range of load requirements, heights, and surface areas, which is essential for the diverse needs of infrastructure projects.

Shoring is critical in bridge projects for supporting the structure during repairs or construction, ensuring stability before permanent elements are in place. STVA provides robust shoring systems that can handle the heavy loads and complex geometries of bridge work

Shoring systems are used to stabilize the surrounding earth in tunnel projects, particularly in the initial phases of boring and construction. STVA offers solutions that can be adapted for various soil types and tunnel diameters.

These structures often require temporary support during construction or refurbishment, where STVA’s shoring solutions can be deployed to ensure structural integrity and worker safety.

In landscaping and road construction, retaining walls need shoring during construction to prevent collapse and ensure proper alignment and stability of the wall.

Shoring is essential in dam construction projects and maintenance to support the massive structures involved and to handle the dynamic loads from water pressure.

Scaffolding Solutions for Infrastructure Projects

Scaffolding is required for the construction and maintenance of elevated tracks, stations, and related infrastructure, providing safe access at various elevated heights.

Large-scale scaffolding systems are necessary for the construction, maintenance, and renovation of airport terminals, hangars, control towers, and any other complex structure.

These larger project venues often require extensive scaffolding for both initial construction and ongoing maintenance or upgrades, accommodating the unique architectural features and heights involved.

Scaffolding is crucial for the installation and maintenance of large, complex machinery and piping in utility plants, enabling safe and efficient access.

Scaffolding is often used in the restoration and maintenance of historical structures, tailored to meet strict regulations on preservation and safety while providing access for detailed work.

Educational facilities often require that construction and maintenance work be carried out with minimal disruption and maximum safety, especially when school is in session. We provide scaffolding for these environments with a high priority on stability, noise reduction, and quick assembly/disassembly to minimize impact on school operations.

infrastructure large scale scaffolding solutions

Industry-Leading Safety Features

Before any STVA scaffold components are manufactured, the raw materials are rigorously tested to exceed industry standards. Our steel is welded by licensed welders with years of experience. All of our products meet or exceed OSHA standards. STVA’s certifications also include recognition from the American Welding Society, ANSI, and SSFI. These certifications speak to our continuous commitment to exceptional quality and safety above all else.

scaffolding safety standards on the job

Top-Tier Advisory Services for Infrastructure Projects

STVA is your trusted advisor for infrastructure projects. Collaboration and precision are key to preventing costly and potentially dangerous mistakes, which is why we take our consultative role for scaffolding services so seriously. We partner with you to ensure that we fully understand the scope of your infrastructure project, then we provide expert advice on materials lists, scaffold design, and safety requirements.

shoring scaffolding for large scale projects

Cost-Effective Solutions for Publicly-Funded Projects

Projects funded with public money call for cost-effective options. We ensure that taxpayer dollars are being well spent with our high-quality, cost-effective shoring and scaffolding solutions. Let us guide you on how to get the best return on your investment while prioritizing quality and safety in your scaffolding solutions.

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Reach out for a free consultation to discuss your infrastructure project needs. With our extensive experience and expertise, we are here to support you throughout the lifecycle of your project, from planning to completion. When you partner with STVA, you get a commitment to durability, compliance, safety, and expert advisory services.

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At STVA, we believe it takes the power of collaboration to elevate construction projects to new heights. Leverage our extensive catalog and decades of experience to take the pressure off the scaffold portion of your project so you can focus on what you do best. Reach out today!

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