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Elevating Excellence In Access And Structural Support. From concept to completion, we deliver unparalleled solutions with industry leading precision, efficiency, and superior engineering.

Safe, Fast, Heavy-Duty Scaffolding Solutions

STVA is committed to providing robust scaffold solutions tailored to the harshest industrial needs. Whether you are in a time-sensitive situation or planning a facility shutdown, STVA is here to deliver high-quality, safe, cost-effective solutions on your schedule, no matter how demanding.

Do you already know what components you need? Let us review your materials list and advise on how we can save you time and money without sacrificing quality or safety. Don’t have time to create a list? No problem. Tell us about your project scope or urgent needs, and we’ll create the inventory list you need and ship it to you quickly.

Don’t Get Shut Down on Your Shutdown

STVA ensures that all of our products meet strict safety and compliance standards, which is crucial for the high-risk environments of refineries and heavy manufacturing facilities. A reliable scaffolding component provider is critical to prevent operational shutdowns. When you partner with STVA, you’re partnering with true scaffold experts who have served the industrial sector for decades. STVA is committed to providing comprehensive solutions to keep your industrial operations running smoothly.

Every component we manufacture meets or exceeds industry safety standards and OSHA regulations. Our steel is extensively quality-tested, and all welding is done by industry-leading certified welders.All of our products are backed by accredited testing results and over-engineered load ratings.

You don’t have time to waste. Downtime at your facility because of emergency repairs costs you money. At STVA, we understand that you need solutions fast. We have an extensive inventory and are ready to dispatch materials to your job site promptly. Don’t get shut down on a shutdown due to lack of materials again. Tell us what you need today.

Industrial settings call for heavy-duty equipment. Our System Scaffold, Tube & Coupler, RingLock, CupLock, and Shoring Components are all suited for heavy-duty work at refineries, steel mills, repair yards, chemical plants, manufacturing facilities, and more. Let us use our expertise to recommend the right products for your specific scope.

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We Have the System Scaffold Inventory to Meet Your Facility’s Needs

When you have an urgent project, STVA has scaffold solutions and industrial scaffolding systems to meet your needs. We keep an extensive inventory on hand, allowing for immediate fulfillment of industrial needs. Need help with your own inventory? STVA can advise on the management and optimization of your scaffold inventories, especially for new startups with low initial inventory.

With clients worldwide, we also have the logistics experience and capabilities to ensure timely delivery to service areas across the globe. No matter your location or scaffolding needs, we are here to deliver safe solutions on time at manufacturer direct prices.

Smarter Scaffold Design to Save You Time and Money

We intelligently design scaffolding solutions to minimize labor time and reduce material and shipping costs while keeping safety at the forefront. Call us for a consultation about your industrial project, and let us design a tailored scaffolding system to match your specific requirements. We can also provide engineer-stamped drawings. After your scaffolding installation is complete, send your as-built drawing back to us, and we’ll have it stamped by an engineer.

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Save your facility time and money without sacrificing your strict safety compliance. Call STVA today for a consultation about your urgent facility needs or long-term industrial construction project. As a leading industrial scaffolding manufacturer, our unparalleled expertise and dedication to supporting you with high-quality scaffold components is unwavering. Contact our team today for a scaffold provider who understands your industrial needs and prioritizes efficiency.


At STVA, we believe it takes the power of collaboration to elevate construction projects to new heights. Leverage our extensive catalog and decades of experience to take the pressure off the scaffold portion of your project so you can focus on what you do best. Reach out today!

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